Why is it important to have a practice; a daily practice? Yeah, yeah, we all know how it helps us stay connected to our true self, but how does that really work? I still get angry (pitta hot head) and frustrated when I think people treat me or mine with indifference or lack of common courtesy. I still feel insecure when my “flaws are showing” and overwhelmed by the enormity of certain tasks…. so how does this daily practice of yoga and ayurveda REALLY help me?

Today, which started in Honolulu and has yet to end, is a great example of why daily practice is so important; adaptability! Starting with being hustled from sleep with a text from my sweet daughter, Roz, at 3am Honolulu time, telling me her college (FU 🙂 Fairfield University) was being evacuated due to the impending New England hurricane. At 4am, the airlines alerts me that my flight ‘might change’… what does that mean? Adapt.

Fast forward to our Open Space Yoga sangha HI AYS session #4 seeing our training clients today AND tomorrow followed by their graduation. The students must adapt to their teacher changing all plans and leaving one day early?! On the phone with Delta airlines and being told there is a two hour and twenty minute hold time for a representative… what to do? Adapt.

A few weeks earlier, just before leaving to teach in Minneapolis at Devanadi Yoga, our HI AYS session #3— cooking with 65 amazing yogis—my youngest child tells me he has chest pains. After an hour of skateboarding I get Webby to our doctor, who gives a diagnosis of a heart valve leaking blood back up toward Webb’s lung. I leave to teach in two days, what do we do? Adapt.

Back in Hawaii, we finish all our clinical work, and we have a sweet, truly loving graduation. I am touched by the courage and enthusiasm of the students and their competence in working with the constructs of ayurveda that have been offered to them in our program. Chanti went quickly to get her car so I can make the only flight that lands in NY before the railroads close at 7pm. My children will be waiting for me…but the garage in Hawaii is closed now and the gate is locked with my bag and Chanti’s car safely inside. We adapt.

I arrive at the airport and there are Tsunami sirens alerting us that an earthquake, in BC earlier that day, has offered us the perfect recipe for a Tsunami to hit the shore and all planes will be held until further notice. Adapt.

Our flight is allowed to leave, and now I am in a “bumpy” descent to JFK and feeling so blessed that I have a daily practice as I know at some point this adventure of a day will end and I know exactly what I will be doing first thing tomorrow morning; my practice. I can adapt to any change because I know that there are solid, never changing forces of nature that fuel my life. I have a way to connect to myself; that constant aspect of the elements that are a reflection of the divine in my “water sack” self and every day I support myself with the daily cleansing and anointing of the divine and I sit down and am with myself and both mundane and divine. This steady practice, small and simple as it may be, is a resilient pillar that allows me to constantly adapt to what we all call…Life.

Gotta go and buckle up 🙂 We have been re routed. Adapt!