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The Three Wisdom Traditions Learning Lab Retreat offers students an opportunity to develop personal healing plans as well as “wrap around” treatment plans for clients. We will work with experts in the fields of yoga, ayurveda and psychology using case studies, training clients to apply the 3WT theory and leave with a sense of confidence in the process of supporting ourselves and clients to build adaptability, resiliency and enhance self regulation. These are key healing actions to work with anxiety, depression, trauma and to to work toward self evolution.

Yoga therapeutics, ayurvedic medicine, and traditional clinical psychotherapy are three powerful healing traditions which can restore balance in life. Imagine applying all three of these wisdom traditions synergistically to support the challenges in your life, or in the lives of your clients and students! Designed for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialists, this program will also support social workers, psychotherapists, nurses, and allied health professionals who are looking to supplement their work with clinical applications of yogic and ayurvedic practices.

The Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) program is designed to support healthy physical, energetic, emotional, and mental functioning, and recovery from maladaptive thinking or behavioral patterns. A “wraparound” at-home treatment plan will help you and your yoga students learn to develop self-regulation, resilience, adaptability, and interpersonal support.

This In-Person Learning Lab introduces techniques from each of the Three Wisdom Traditions and provides opportunities for application. Explore combining techniques into a supportive blueprint for your own self-evolution and practice with clinical adaptations of the 3WT system. Our work together will include examining case studies to develop at-home support plans.

As a Three Wisdom Traditions Wellness Coach you will also receive guidance in the form of mentoring as you learn to integrate the tools of these potent wisdoms into your professional work. This mentoring aspect of the program will continue to support you as you learn to design daily wellness plans for your clients using yogic practices, ayurvedic diet and lifestyle recommendations, and psychological approaches to positive thinking, healthy attachment, and self-regulation.

As a yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner, and clinical psychotherapist Kathryn Templeton has developed the Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) program with two main goals in mind:

  1. To support caregivers and healing professionals of all traditions to create a balanced lifestyle, develop practices for their own self-care, and decrease burnout and secondary traumatization.
  2. To offer practitioners of each Wisdom Tradition the tools to provide wraparound support for clients and patients, to continue their healing work outside of the session.

3 Wisdom Traditions Wellness Coach Certification Steps:

  1. Online completion of the 3WT Core Concepts program launching on YogaInternational.com
  2. Attendance at the In-Person Learning Lab Retreat to apply the conceptual theories presented in the 3WT online training program. Join us for these sites in 2019:
    Himalayan Insitute Pittsburgh January 2020
  3. 3 Wisdom Traditions Mentoring Program – Listen in on on case studies from 3WT Wellness Coaches, presenting their cases for discussion and mentoring with Kathryn Templeton. Together, with Kathryn’s guidance, they will explore the application of 3WT tools within scope of practice.

*Steps 3 & 4 can be taken in any order. We strongly suggest you have completed the online 3WT Core Concepts program before attending this Learning Lab Retreat as it will offer you a foundational understanding for applying these Wisdom Traditions to managing the stress response.

3 Wisdom Traditions Wellness Coach Training was Developed with Two Goals:

  1. Support caregivers, of all traditions, to create a balanced lifestyle and support practices for their own care; to decrease burnout and secondary traumatization that can occur for healing professionals.
    Give practitioners of each Wisdom Tradition tools to provide wrap-around support for clients and patients to continue their healing work outside of the therapy session.
  2. Kathryn developed the 3WT program from each of the wisdom tradition’s perspective. Practitioners of each tradition can learn how to utilize the practices of the other two, in the language of their “home” tradition. To navigate this program, start with the tradition you connect with most.

Start with Your Wisdom Tradition

Practitioners of each tradition can learn how to utilize the practices of the other two, in the language of their “home” tradition. To navigate this training, start with the tradition you connect with most.

  • Yoga Therapists and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialists should start with Yoga.
  • Clinical professionals, such as nurses, psychotherapists, and social workers should start with Psychology.
  • Ayurvedic Health Counselors, Practitioners or Ayurvedic Doctors, should begin with the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda.

Application of the material from your “home” wisdom tradition will be within your grasp. You may be surprised to find that you already use some of the tools as recommendations with your clients.

The Teaching Staff

Each of the Three Wisdom Traditions is vast so Kathryn carefully selected experts to create a training that will resonate and bridge the intersection of each of these sources of healing and transformation for the mind.

Learn more about the teachers of the 3 Wisdom Traditions.

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