Here is how i see it…we are a country that is still a “kid” according to the history of other countries, so we don’t get to sit at their table, right?

We are still creating our traditions, our imprints and grooves, our samskaras… and we mess up—a lot! And, we do get some things right! Let’s face it: when we do get it right, we shine! Thanksgiving holiday, or the impulse to honor, give thanks and be together, is one of those “shiny” things we Americans do right.

Ayurvedically, it is the official start of Vata season. No matter where you live in our country (and yes, even our Canadian and South American cousins) know that once we hit this time of year we have missed the “prep” for Vata. We can feel the energy pick up! Americans even have this thing called “Black Friday” where we make an event of shopping with herds of others at midnight to get a discount on stuff. I think we can agree this is one of those adolescent ideas that would be under the “mess up” category!

Ah, come on, you know what I am talking about, and you know that as teenagers of the world, most of us did not do our homework ahead of time to prepare for the season. Yet, I know that ayurvedic folks have been working on the seasonal change, so those are the kids who will ace the test. We are prepped and ready to go! You all have cleansed out the excess heat from Pitta and your ready to engage with the flow and the changeability of the season. The elements of Vata that are light and creative, that allow for change-on-a-dime and spin us around with glee…but just in case you forgot to study…what to do?

You know what to do:
breathe deep, practice your daily routine, oil, oil, oil, eat six tastes at your three meals a day, do a little yoga, sit down and allow yourself time with the Divine, walk outside and enjoy the beauty of our World or at least all those holiday lights! Stop, pause and give thanks; starting with Thanksgiving…

Then surrender.

Yes, just let go…Don’t fight it! The holidaze means cash drainage, extended family time, long lines, traffic, foods that are NOT in the ayurvedic diet, schedules that are over booked and depleting and so on. Fighting this makes us even more depleted, cranky and sad; so surrender to it all and do what works best for you. As my pal Sue would say: “Swaha!”

enJOY the silliness of our rush toward joy, because as the word suggests, you are already ‘in’ it. There will be time afterward to recover. That is why we have January 🙂

Come on, being a teenager is not all bad! We get to live in the moment with enthusiasm, brazen courage and hope…these are wonderful qualities and let’s face it, it is a lot more fun to sit at the kid’s table…mashed potato piles and green bean worms; no plaid pants or dull stories allowed!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours… Please know that I am thankful for you. For the energy and attention you have decided to give yourself and the study of the elements. I am thankful for this lineage and my teachers, the opportunity to share my passion for life and the Divine with you. Thank you for being there to share your shakti with me!