Times… they are a changin’! You got that right 🙂

We are smack dab in the middle of our seasonal “glitch”! What? Yep, we are experiencing any heat, or Pitta, that might have accumulated beginning to hit the teflon screen of Vata. What I mean to say is that Pitta with all her intensity, focus, inflammation, and moisture is sliding off the “non-stick” coating of Vata. This juncture can be problematic for many of us if we have not properly detoxed from all that accumulated heat! What happens when we add wind and remove moisture from a fire? A quick hot burn, just ask any Pitta dominate person… but duck and cover, or wear an oven mitt, as you might get scolded… be understanding as we don’t mean to be such hot heads and in two minutes we will apologize or invite you over for dinner. “uh, sorry!”

I sometimes think of Vata in relation to a teflon pan; hard and detached as nothing sticks to her, right? Consider memory, just ask a vata-dominant person to remember the names of their last three passwords:-) or if they have misplaced their keys lately? It can be hard for vata to keep on body weight or to keep their weight consistent. Their teflon nature offers much ability to change forms with ease and let go of things like grudges, money, their train of thought, oh… what was that other thing?? Well, you get the point 🙂

So what to do? Well, if you’re feeling any “itis” (bronchitis, tendonitis, laryngitis) you’re already burning up that inflammation. You may be noticing skin rashes, indigestion, irritability or intense spikes in emotion. So try these “glitch tricks” to help you detox out the pitta before you spike an “itis”:


  • Add Pitta cooling tastes such as astringent and bitter to your diet.
  • Offer yourself lateral postures in your morning/evening asana practice.
  • Add 2 ounces of aloe vera juice to your morning water or juice.
  • Find a way to increase a sense of expansion; in your meditation, or walks in nature.
  • Try Sheetali pranayama to “cool your jets”; GI tract and your heated mind 🙂



Then be aware of how you are dancing with the winds of vata as he begins to blow, swirl and get dry, maybe itchy, destabilizing, light, cold and rough.You may notice that all your routines are getting lost or shifting, your moods are up and down (more than normal) and you are more easily depleted. It is important to begin to create a warm, cosy, moist and stable environment inside and out…before the teflon becomes ice!


  • Abyhanga with warm sesame oil from top of your head to the tips of your toes once a week for a hydrating and grounding nights sleep.
  • Add some warm aromas, with essential oils, to your abyhanga; clove, peppermint, patchouli to help you feel cozy all day or night!
  • Practice Yoga Nidra at least twice a week to help nurture your body and mind with rest.
  • Eat foods with more moisture, such as ghee, and warm spices on root veggies to help with digestion and grounding.



Where is the “glitch treat” you ask? Well, the difficulty of this transition can also bring a delightful sense of lightness to the mind and body. We now have an opportunity to go within (if we can sit down!) and meditation can be a wonderful tool for us to use the etheric quality of Vata to support or sense of devotion and connection to the divine. We can take snuggled up naps by a lovely fire and feel refreshed and renewed. We can enjoy the frenetic energy of seasonal parties if we have established a cozy, nurturing, warming and relaxing home environment to counter that external stimulation. Thus, letting our energy flow, as that is what vata does best! She is on her way, and soon, it will be Vata season thru and thru; you CAN count on that!

‘Tis the season 🙂