or Wearin’ my “Man Boots” depending~

Life is funny sometimes…. I was just skipping along and getting my work done when BAM I tripped over my own two feet. Now, this is not the first time I have fallen— fallen flat, fallen over the obvious, fallen in love, fallen down, fallen away, fallen for ‘it.’ I have taken all kinds of falls in my life and yet everytime I am suprised. I never see it coming… or do I just pretend that I am falling so I don’t have to see what I am really doing? Sometimes taking personal responsibility is a tough fit, after all everybody likes the ol’ comfortable shoe. But we walk taller, faster and a trurer step when we are valuing ourself and taking responsibility. Check out my collegue Cole’s post on this subject:

Yogis and Designers: Charge What You are Worth, Damnit!

I couldn’t have said it better myself…. then come back here and let me know your thoughts. This one is a toughy!!