So, the other day I was trying to find a word while teaching my 9am Psych 111 class. I was attempting to explain a concept with regard to memory. George Carlin would have chuckled…

I later recalled the word while I was walking my dogs, Tennessee and Bruticus. The word had NOTHING to do with my dogs, walking, or picking up after them. While walking my dogs I also remembered that I forgot to pay a bill.

What was happening to my thinking process can be explained via may theories: yoga psychology, neuroscience, learning theory… and Ayurvedic wisdom around digestion, assimilation and evacuation. I had ama in the mind.

Now we all get a little ama from time to time. Eating that popcorn at the movies with the “butter” (aka thick oil that is non-biodegradable), lunch at the computer, that peach-yogurt-protein and honey smoothie; all taxing to our Agni and over time can create poor digestion which leads to ama in our bodies.

Over time, the ama will continue to penetrate our physical body via the connective tissues like plasma and blood. This will spread the ama around and eventually the plasma in the synaptic cleft, between our dendrites and neurons, will be impacted.

WHAT? Yes, it is true.

There is good news. This takes time and if we are doing our dinacharya or daily cleansing, along with mostly living in relation to the Ayurvedic clock the likelihood of mental goo is low….but, there are always those months where we fall off the job. We “take some time off” from our practice so that ‘daily’ looks more like ‘a few days a week.’

Keep at it, and know that you will still loose a word here and there; especially the Vata-dominant folks. Those folks will, however, use that moment to creatively find a new word and/or song to fill the void. The pitta’s will go and study the word some more and find other ideas to broaden out the concept. The kapha’s will laugh at themselves and whistle.

Ahhh, mental goo be gone! What is the best remedy? Daily practice and joy.