Six Taste Tea

Ask for hot water and make a Six Taste Tea! When traveling, I find that we are offered a number of beverage options, especially on flights, but nothing that really helps us balance those attributes of Vata that we collect as we “ride the friendly skies”!

I like to BYOS, yes, bring my own spices 🙂 Depending on the season, length and time of day I fly, I choose what tea to bring with me. My favorite travel spices and teas are: Stash Licorice Tea (great demulcent and helps me with any dry cough, throat tickle and overall dryness). Sometimes, I mix licorice, marshmallow root and vanilla bean for a warm, moist and sweet taste treat. Lemon water or ginger tea help keep agni fired despite all that air and ether.

Then, don’t forget to make a nighty nite tea for your first night to help regulate your body clock (great for jet lag). Include Jatamansi, Skull Cap, Chamomille and sweet dreams… or Dr. Lad makes a great tea called “Tranquility Tea”—licorice, tulsi, ginkgo and bhrami. Bring them either from the store or make at home and BYOS in your carry on bag!

Tummy Time

Try a pinch of fennel seeds to help your tummy. Yep, fennel seeds, just like you might find at your favorite Indian restaurant. They are a great digestive aid and a tasty after-dinner snack! This magic herb will help you with ‘flyers bloat,’ gas and indigestion in general. They even help calm PMS and support your digestive fire—agni.

Polish Up The Fire

Remember to keep up your daily practice with agni sara.

On the days that you are traveling, remember to keep that digestive fire burning bright! If not agni sara then uddiyana bandha kriya will do the trick to keep you ready to digest all the impressions, thoughts and foods that travel can bring.

I find that taking Triphala before, during and after a trip is key for balanced digestion. As Triphala is made of three herbs, it is a tridoshic support! I take 500 mg in the AM in water (that has been sitting, covered, all night). Then, I use those same herbs, covered with water, as a drink after I brush my teeth at night. When traveling, and I dont have the opportunity to take in that manner, I take a 500 to 1000 mg. tablet twice daily.

OIL…Not Just for the Texans!

I bring my 3oz size on board and keep my feet, hands, nostils and ears moist and warm. Sometimes, I make friends, sometimes I clear the row…as with everything in Ayurveda, “It Depends!” More about oiling in our most recent Yoga International Magazine.

Prayer or Mantra
I bring my mala beads on the plane. I have a little mala bag that the beads reside in and i put my hand in my bag and will do a few rounds of mantra. Why? Well, it helps me to calm my mind, it is something that I do everyday and reminds me that while I might not land in the same spot I started out that day, I am still the same person…loved by the Divine with every breath.