I find myself in situations where I see something happening and I feel a deep response to blurt out, “NO! That is not true!”… I have learned to stop this, because as you might have guessed, it has created some real issues for me. (Darn hot head!)

Still, when I ‘see’ situations where there is a lack of integrity—a ‘fast one’ being pulled—I find myself taking action to shine a light on the event. I am always hopeful that others will support me in shifting the situation into the realm of awareness so we can work toward a resolution…a consciousness resolution.

So what changed? I have not really become a ‘cooler mind’ but I now seem to have a little, tiny, crack of light (awareness) that there is something larger than just my vision at play. I have realized that there is a time and a place to pull out my torch and let the truth be illuminated. It still must be done but in a compassionate and timely manner. I suppose one would say, with grace.

I am diligently working on cultivating grace as I still get in trouble for ‘blowing the cover’ on people, events, secrets that hurt. My pal Sue says that the ‘truth tellers have a responsibility’ and part of our dharma is to play that role. I agree and yet, I do not like to be singled out as the “bad guy” who threw the whole operation in a spin because I did not go along with the (unconscious) plan. Heck, I am a parent of three teenagers, sometimes it is nice to step out of the responsible role and be just plain liked!

Yet, just as in parenting, when your teenagers ‘like’ you or are your ‘friend’ you can bet there is trouble a-brewing 🙂 It is everyone’s responsibility to support right action (in yoga-speak we would say good karma). All of us are tapped to ‘shine the light of awareness’ on ourselves, and those who are ‘under cover’ or unconsiousness. This mutual global, social, community, interpersonal action of ‘truth telling’ is called vydia. Living in the light of knowledge, the light of awareness.

Vydia can sometimes be experienced as what we bump into that ‘wakes us up.’ Often that wake up call can be painful, humilitaing, embarassing, or worse…but, at the end of the day we are all supported by these truths. They are gifts to each of us. These truths move us closer to who we truly are and allow us a chance to be compassionate and accepting of ourselves.

So lay off, let’s give the truth tellers a break! Make us a cuppa’ chai and hold our hand. Let us know that despite the “ouch” of the truth, you appreciate our courage and fearlessness to throw back the cover…that compassion, a sweet hug, will help us to grow in grace~