Pranayama is the specific use of techniques to help us work with the animating life force called Prana. There are many methods to work with Prana. Most yoga practitioners use breath techniques to help them regulate their awareness to prepare for mediation. Ayurveda does this and we use the breath to help with physiological support as well.

During the holiday season we often run ourselves into a state of fatigue. We do not have as much inherent durability due to the season being under the gaze of Vata. This dosha is the most active of all the doshas and has the least resiliency! Often times we have trouble managing our energy during this active and sometimes directionless time of year… so much to do and so little time, right?!

Beginning a daily practice of pranayama during the holidaze offers you a double boon! You will be able to more easily quiet your mind and feel a sense of calm, balance and ease, and it will help with memory retention so you won’t miss all those holiday events. 🙂
Alternate Nostril Breath or Nadi Shodhana is wonderful to help with balancing right and left nadis and hemispheres of the brain! This does not require a great amount of time or advanced techniques. Let the Himalayan Institute’s own Sandy Anderson talk you through exactly how to practice this pranayama on the Himalayan Institute’s website.

Now, go out there and have yourself a day filled with ease and steadiness… Ho, HO, HOOOOOO!