Understanding why you might experience yourself as a “little” frantic during the winter starts with noticing how your body feels with the gaze of Vata increasing the gunas (qualities or attributes) of this dosha.

Vata offers us less moisture and lightness, like the leaves that have fallen off the trees, floating to the ground. Our skin becomes rough, dry and sometimes uneven. We might notice some difficulty maintaining our focus, steadiness with projects, appointments and/or taking good care of ourselves. If we do not have steady digestion the Vata attribute of irregularity might be expressed in our bodies as weight gain, loss or digestive imbalances. Regardless of your Pratkiti (constitution) during this joyful/melancholy, social/lonely, festive/depressive season you must also make proper adjustments to keep Vata from having her way with you!


  • Remember to eat warm, moist foods (preferably foods that are grown in your part of the country; ie: no oranges for the New Englanders… sorry!)
  • Keep yourself warm at all times. Sport those fuzzy warm earmuffs, pretty winter scarfs, and be the first one on your block to wear your gloves. Your body will thank you.
  • Keep yourself well oiled! Abyhanga is a very important part of the morning ritual and it is not to be skipped in Vata season. This helps us both physically and psychologically, offering moisture and swaddling the dermis/skin with a layer of nurture and love.
  • Drink teas that help to keep your Agni, digestive fire, kindled. CCF (Cumin, Coriander and Fennel) is a simple and tri-doshic tea that will help your digestion regulate itself despite the fancy hors d’oeuvres that the neighbor serves at their Holiday party!
  • Rest assured and feel secure in your efforts to care for yourself. Decreasing fear, doubt and unsteadiness of all kinds will help you to ground yourself and offer you a way to be compassionate to your body and mind during the Vata time of year.