Really, how can you NOT want to read about this? Whenever I see the word bliss I ALWAYS investigate!

This is a great time of year to begin to contemplate your relationship to something larger, more comprehensive than yourself. Call it the Divine Mother, God, Spirituality… the word is personally important (maybe religious), but the philosophy is what will help you build a bridge from your outer world associations to the “other,” divine, and liberated form of being or consciousness that most us consider, but rarely take the time to investigate.

In yoga philosophy, and the Shad Darshan (six systems of Indian Philosophy) there are models offered to help us begin to investigate this formless consciousness and how we are related to it. Often it is hard to start an inquiry as our minds are not “spiritualized” or accustomed to holding and considering these philosophical concepts. In ayurveda we look at how the most gross elements (diet, lifestyle) impact our ability to form awareness. Often we are trapped in our outer mind and have trouble developing a sensibility or awareness to explore the inner realms of our mind. There are a number of ways to start to contact our inner Self/Soul. Yoga has many methods and according to ayurveda, the best place to start is on the outside!

Becoming aware of your actions, your diet, lifestyle and what you allow your senses to take in will lay the foundation for internalizing the mind. You can begin to work on the internalizing process while developing the awareness of your daily actions, by beginning a daily deep relaxation practice. That way, when you start to meditate, your mind will allow itself to rest and be more quiet.

The two deep relaxation practices below are a good starting place. Just click the links and get started!

Relax into Greatness by Rod Stryker
Deep Relaxation Practices by Rolf Sovik

See ya on the inside! 🙂