In ayurvedic medicine the mind and the body are not separated. What you think is manifested; or where you put your attention so flows your prana/awareness and this then becomes your experience of life. Huh?

As the great sage Spanky from ‘Little Rascals’ has spoken: “Watch what you’re wishin’ for… cause that is what you’re gonna get!” Not exactly a Vedic text reference, but a true statement none the less.

This season offers us much to celebrate and much to sort through too. It is the marker of transition. We are ending one year and beginning another. We often take stock at this time of year and become aware of the changes in our lives. both joyful and sad. Meditation is a wonderful practice that offers us a sutra (thread) to be able to discern the inherent gifts or lessons in our past year’s experiences. Reading scriptures and spiritual books helps us find a path or guide to sort through our feelings and memories.

When we do not take time to pause and process the year we are missing a great opportunity. Becoming aware of ourselves offers us an opportunity for self-compassion, and then compassion for others too.

Dr. Vasant Lad helps us to start a meditation practice with the Empty Bowl meditation found on his website.

Take this one day at a time… start with the pranayama mentioned from my last post for three or four rounds, then sit quietly for another few minutes each day, practicing the Empty Bowl meditation. I pinky promise that after just one week you will notice a difference! After all, don’t you deserve a little TLC?