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Building Ojas in Autumn

August 24th, 2014|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Ginny Mazzei. The crisp, clear, dry days of autumn are perfect for ramping up our ojas-enhancing routines. The best way to nourish ojas year-round is to honor seasonal changes to help keep the doshas in balance during times of transition. Ojas, the vital essence of kapha dosha, is the end-result [...]

Recipe Stories: Kendall Inman

June 5th, 2013|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Recipe Stories is an ongoing series on our blog where we introduce you to to yogis and ayurveds from all backgrounds and we ask them to do one thing: Tell us a story through a recipe. This series supports our eBook called Late Summer & Early Autumn Recipe Stories. I LOVE CHUTNEY! A few years [...]