To help inspire you in being daring and courageous enough to ask yourself to change some of your habits that, even if they are not the most healthy, they have been with you for a long, long time.

So, it is hard to imagine letting them go…much less releasing your attachment to a habit with noting to put in its place~ ugh, why, why Spring must we cleanse?? Well, because you’re getting clogged and that just won’t feel good as time goes on. Come on now, you know it is time…write a letter to inspire yourself…that is what I did:

Dear Cleansers,

Alrighty now cleansing Kathryn (and pals).. if you have not really started… start today! 🙂

Now, to get us going I thought I would explain the ayurvedic idea of going within. This is not just exclusive to ayurveda, however it is central to understanding why meditation and “observations” are highlighted by both ayurveda and yogis. This is most important now in our pre-tox as it sets us up to cleanse our bodies, prana passageways, thoughts, habitual actions and our ability to circulate our energy efficiently.

It seems that in our life, along the way, we forget to listen to ourselves. There is a cellular intelligence that is constantly sending us messages and we are often too busy to listen. There is also, according to Samkhya philosophy, a cosmic intelligence which is guiding us and supporting us at all moments. We often feel separate from this source and thus alone, and at times, lost in our lives.

Sitting still offers us a way to begin to “hear” again. Sometimes, there is no “land line” or sutra (thread), or so it feels, and we cannot make out any messages. This is when yoga and pranayama are most helpful. The movements of yoga help to uncover those lines of communication within ourselves that we have buried so deeply, often due to lack of use.

You have all the knowledge you need to fully express your bliss. It sounds corny, but it is true. It is my hope that this cleanse will uncover your “land line”, help you thread the path between body and soul, so you remember, you hear, you feel the love that pulses within you and all around you at all times.

The bud

Stands for all things,

Even for those things that don’t flower,

for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing;

Though sometimes it is necessary

to re-teach a thing its loveliness,

To put a hand on its brow

of the flower

and re-tell it in words and in touch

that it is lovely

until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing;

© 1980 by Galway Kinnell, an excerpt from the Poem the Sow and St Francis

Now, let’s get out there and start letting go of some habits… well, after a bite of dark chocolate first:-)
After all this is just the pre-cleanse, right??