Dear Shiny Clean Folks,
Yep it is time…savor that last sip of master cleanse. Luxuriate at the smell of your last cup of CCF. Say a big thank you to your kitchari. “Coz you are about done and like every ending, now you’reready to start anew!

My teacher shared with me the following words, I do not know if they are his or he was quoting another, “Asana changes our relationship to the past, Pranayama changes our relationship to the present, Meditation changes our relationship to the future.” I share this with you as you’re ready to set your intentions for what you want to manifest for your future with a clear mind. “Carpe Diem!” (not Sanskrit, and means seize the day). Kathryn Templeton’s BIG Spring Cleanse

Tonight we will review the post-cleanse information. If you’re running late no worries, just come. Endings are so important. So many of us are not too good at them, and thus we have rocky starts.Tonight will be a wonderful practice for other endings that may happen in your life.

In our asana we practice endings by taking savasana, or corpse pose. It is our physical daily practice of death. This asana allows us the opportunity to practice releasing physical tension that builds up from our fear of death.

Asana almost never permanently changes the way we think for very long. However, it does help the body imprint and practice change in a loving and peaceful way.

No asana tonight as we have been working on our relationship to the past via our cleanse. We will work with our breath tonight. The breath is a precise mirror of how we think. If we change the way we breathe, we will challenge the deeper pattern of how we think. We practice new beginnings when we change our breath. It is a rebirth. Just like waking up every morning is a rebirth. Please take a look at this Alternate Nostril Pranayama here.

Try to meditate tonight. Meditation transforms our relationship to the future. If we keep thinking the same thoughts, we will have the same life (or variations on the same theme). Change the way you think and gradually your life will change. To change the quality of your life, think different thoughts. Easy to say, but that is why we practice. Little by little our relationship to the future changes.

Oh, and tonight there will be a lovely surprise!

A good night’s sleep!

So, please enjoy the day.