Good Morning Cleansers,

As we are taking special care of ourselves now, and perhaps feeling sensations we were not noticing before we began to remove the habitual grind. In the past, folks have described feeling “off balance, or aches and pains that are brand new.” This happens when those habits are disrupted. So, I want to address the daily routine or dinacharya and how important is now to cultivate new behaviors of self care. Once the ama clears, and the digestion is kindled, we are prepared to rebuild up the body’s tissues to create a healthy and efficient system so we can enjoy life. An important mechanism to set up and practice is a proactive, self-loving daily routine. Creating a new habit to remind the body and mind that you are an auscpious being.Kathryn Templeton’s BIG Spring Cleanse

This is just a reminder of the daily ritual and an invitation for you to see what other ‘daily rituals’ sustain you and are useful in helping you see your self and all others through the eyes of compassion. This is one of our main goals…to loosen the attachments we have so that we can stretch ourselves to embrace a more expanded sense of self. A sense of self that is comprehensive and aware that we are writing our own story, the plot does not need to be painful or repetitive. Our narrative can transform as soon as we are willing to let it.
Each morning we begin life (waking up) with appreciation. This is key to ayurveda’s approach to health. Paying homage to nature, the divine, God whatever idea resonates with your spiritual practice. Usually we do this before we rise just after our eyes have opened, we say a prayer of thanks. Then we leave the bed with the foot of our dominant nostril. Yep, we are that detailed! Put your hands just below your nose near your chin and while laying in bed exhale through your nose. The hand that gets the most breath tells you which nostril is dominate. When you leave your bed, do so with that foot. As Dr. Lad says, “stepping into the flow of life one must be aware of your flow of prana and sutra (sew) the mind to the body.”

Next we scrape the tongue to clear the ama and stimulate digestion. At this point you might make subtle changes to your daily routine depending upon your morning. I usually put the water on to boil after evacuation. (Yes, very personal or TMI as my kids would say!) I neti/ nasya while the water is heating and then start to sip my tea (lemon, honey water). I take my morning practice (differs each day to some degree) that includes prayer or mantra, pranayama, asana. I generally do abhyanga before I meditate so I can sit with the oil being absorbed into my skin. Then I rinse and eat breakfast.

Your morning ritual will be different as we each key in on what we need to do to supply the love and nurturing our bodies and minds require. Listen to what you enjoy doing naturally. I find starting folks with the rising prayer, stepping off into life with foot of your prana, and tongue scraping is an excellent start; after that experiment. For a full description check out Dr. Lad’s website,

I am so happy for you all having the courage to do this for yourself. I know it is not easy and what you thought would be no biggie, often takes you by surprise. Please know that you’re almost done and the benefits will keep being reaped for months to come. The outcome so outweighs the investment. Please let me know what you need from me so I can continue to support you in your efforts to regulate the doshas, reconnect with yourself and live in your own light of the divine. Om tat sat.

Many blessings to each of you.