Guest post graciously contributed by Laurie Dean, AHC.

As someone who has a relationship to Ayurveda – how many times have you read an article and been awed by how modern medicine is now confirming the knowledge the Ayurvedic rishis knew 4-5000 yrs ago??? It’s mind boggling!

• how simple behavioral changes can give great results
• the importance of diet and lifestyle in health
• that dis-ease stems from imbalance
• how getting to the root cause of a disease, not just managing the symptoms, will give real health
• how in Ayurveda we are interested in the person who is experiencing dis-ease, not just in what dis-ease the person has
• and how the real healing happens on the level of mind-body and spirit

Diet and Lifestyle management were a major part of the recurring themes expressed over and over again, in many different ways by the speakers at the recent National Ayurvedic Medical Association conference last weekend. Held in Warwick, Rhode Island, it was an Ayurvedic star-studded event! Dr Vasant Lad, Dr David Frawley, Dr Rosy Mann, Dr Nancy Lonsdorf were among the many speakers voicing the shared opinion of the importance of sharing Ayurveda with the world to help us heal on every level now.

As a new Ayurveda Health Counselor it was so empowering to hear the many speakers reinforce how important diet and lifestyle are to health. Exactly the tools that we are all so proficient at sharing!

One of the keynote speakers, Dr Dilip Sarker, a retired vascular surgeon turned Ayurvedic practioner and yoga therapist, described health in this way –
• having strong digestion
• having good elimination
• being able to get a good night’s sleep

So….no wonder we are always asking questions about pooping!!

And all those great recipes we offer up for the perfect nite-nite drink – we want you to experience the benefits of a good night’s sleep and a calm mind!! Such an important component of health. All of us involved in Ayurveda have heard that simple explanation of health before – but it really does come down to those 3 key practices!

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga teacher, I understand how important it is to keep our body healthy. I get cranky when I don’t feel well on a physical level!! And my body is what provides the physical space for my consciousness to reside.

So when one of the most respected Ayurvedic teachers in the world, Dr David Frawley, simply states “Ayurveda teaches you how to build a better house….” it beautifully confirmed why Ayurveda plays such an important role in my life!

So it can be as simple as this –
• starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon
• scraping your tongue, to remove accumulated toxins,first thing in the morning
• using nose oil or a neti pot to help clear your sinuses
• the loving ritual of abhyanga (daily massage with warm oil) before your shower in the morning
• taking 5 minutes to make a relaxing nite-nite drink before bed

and then – as part of your next steps to health –
• learning how to simply adopt a diet that will help balance your current imbalance (vikruti)
• learning how to eat a diet that helps balance the qualities of the season you are currently in working with a diet that includes a variety of fresh, preferably organic foods that are best for you
• enjoying food flavored with spices that will naturally help you be healthy –turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, basil, cardamom to name just a few

It’s Spring – the season for new beginnings – build up the Ayurvedic foundation of your better house slowly – start taking small steps that you move further down the path toward better health.

It comes down to Diet, Lifestyle and creating Balance. If only those Ayurvedes from 5000 years ago could time travel to now – imagine they would be so pleased to see how their wisdom is so important to us in our lives today!