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Balancing Vata during Vata Season

October 22nd, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Julia Kress Considerations for our self-care regime during vata season could include some exercises that at the Himalayan Institute we call affectionately container work. This is exactly what we want during vata season, is to contain and direct our energy in responsible and effective ways. That being said the exercises [...]

Autumn Chai Tea: Mint & Basil Bliss!

August 19th, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Sarah Guglielmi It’s like clockwork. The Ayurvedic clock, that is.  Mid-August in Buffalo NY, and the winds arrive, signaling the onset of autumn. Autumn is the ‘in-between” time. The winds of fall work their magic, allowing nature to “burn off the summer heat”. Temperatures cool, the weather varies, and the leaves [...]

What is health? More than the cover of a magazine!

August 7th, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Nicole Taylor. “Sama dosha samagnis ca sama dhatu mala kriya prasannatmendriya manah svastha ityabhidiyate.” –Sushruta Samhita “One who is established in Self, who has balanced doshas, balanced agni, properly formed dhatus, proper elimination of malas, well functioning bodily processes and whose mind, soul and senses are full of bliss, is called [...]

Avoiding the Pitta Burnout

July 18th, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Heidi L. Audet, AAYS, RYT-500. Given the clarity and perception that a healthy and well-adjusted pitta naturally possesses, why, oh why do persons with this prakriti sometimes end up taking on too much and subsequently find themselves hovering over the edge of the burnout cliff? As a pitta individual, this is the [...]

Reaching a State of Mindfulness

July 9th, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Minta Davis. Coming to a peaceful state in the mind appears to challenge many of us. Especially forces from work, personal, and global circumstances swirl round in our mind. How do we calm the mind? Many yoga Gurus have shared their wisdom on achieving peaceful mindfulness, or reaching a blissful state [...]

Ayurveda Can Help New Mommas Find Balance

July 5th, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

Guest post graciously contributed by Sarah Bannerman Andrews. For a healthy self after childbirth; learn how everyday Ayurveda can help new Mommas find balance. Ayurveda has a way of putting things into perspective. It teaches us that staying in balance can help prevent most dis-ease. It teaches us that the key to long lasting health and [...]

The Traveling Ayurvedist Journal

March 30th, 2015|AYS Torchbearer Blogs|

  Guest post graciously contributed by Mary Honchock. How Hanuman Helped Me Pack My Practice So, just a quick recap of Hanuman the Monkey God. Hanuman was the son of the Vayu (god of the wind) and a devout woman (a vanara, a monkey being). He was a powerful and mischievous young god and many [...]

Get Ready for Spring – Anti-KAPHA Ideas

March 23rd, 2015|Around the web with Kathryn|

If you took a few minutes to read Laurie Dean’s blog below on WHY Kapha increases during spring, great! If not, that would be a good start. But in a nutshell, spring has sprung…even here in MN where I live, the ground is free from snow and people have SPRING FEVER! However, the heavy, wet, [...]


March 8th, 2015|Around the web with Kathryn|

Ah Spring……..tulips, daffodils, budding trees, the promise of a new beginning, a feeling of freshness in the air…… From an Ayurvedic perspective, Spring is the perfect time to begin anew – to clear from our digestive system the undigested “stuff” that we have accumulated in there. We might not even realize we have “stuff” that [...]

Ayurvedic Self-Care to Help Cope With Grief

February 21st, 2015|Around the web with Kathryn|

“Mommy, what is that stuff coming out of your nose?” “Nasya oil, sweetie. It’s to help me relax and calm down.” “Oh, well it looks funny.” “I suppose it does, but it makes me feel so good…just like being with you.” It was just a year ago that I was lying in bed, just as [...]