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Kat and Michael are once again joined by their favorite ayurvedic expert, Kathryn Templeton. This time around, we’re discussing Ayurvedic eating!

Talking points include:

(Brief!) Ayurvedic overview

Food lists for your dosha

  • Why they can be confusing and not always helpful

Does Ayurveda want us all to be lacto-ovo vegetarians?

  • Putting Ayurveda in cultural and historical context

Food as medicine in Ayurveda

  • Why you “take a banana” instead of “eat a banana.”
\The Charaka Samhitia

Food and Consciousness

  • Addressing food-privilege

Looking at the qualities of our favorite foods

  • How they change based upon how we prepare them
  • How they affect us
  • The 80/20 rule

Can Ayurveda align with a vegan diet?

  • And what about the paleo diet?