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Use the healing wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda & Psychology together

To support healthy functioning we need resiliency, adaptability and the interpersonal support. We all have challenges in life and sometimes we need support to manage these challenges. Often the tools of yoga therapy, ayurvedic medicine and traditional clinical psychotherapy are called upon to bring us back to balance in our true nature.

The Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) program is designed to support our recovery from imbalances with a “wrap around” treatment plan to support you as you work toward self evolution, or support your client in between sessions as you work on clinical issues.

Creating a baseline of support is critical. Building practices to support resiliency, adaptability, along with attachment for healthy relationships and communities for support are what the Three Wisdom Traditions Wellness Coaches are trained to do. This on line program is your first step in this training program.

Kathryn Templeton developed the Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) program with two goals in mind.

  1. Support caregivers, of all traditions, to create a balanced lifestyle and support practices for their own care; to decrease burn out and secondary traumatization that can occur for healing professionals.
  2. Give practitioners of each Wisdom Tradition tools to provide wrap-around support for clients and patients to continue their healing work outside of the therapy session.

Start with your Wisdom Tradition

Kathryn developed the 3WT program from each of the wisdom tradition’s perspective. Practitioners of each tradition can learn how to utilize the practices of the other two, in the language of their “home” tradition. To navigate this program, start with the tradition you connect with most.

  • Yoga Therapists and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialists will start with Yoga.
  • Clinical professionals, such as nurses, psychotherapists, and social workers should start with Psychology.
  • Ayurvedic Health Counselors, Practitioners or Ayurvedic Doctors, begin with the Wisdom Tradition of Ayurveda

Application of the material from your “home” Wisdom Tradition will be within your grasp. You may be surprised to find that you already use some of the tools as recommendations with your clients. As you move through the program, material from the other two Wisdom Tradition may feel more challenging.

This is why we recommend you take full advantage of our in-person learning labs to successfully integrate and incorporate the tools from each Wisdom Tradition into your personal healing support plan and your clients’ wrap-around treatment plans. We are offering several opportunities to work with our faculty, in person, to support the integration of the tools from each Wisdom Tradition for application to your own healing support plan, or your clients wrap around treatment plan.

To fulfill the Three Wisdom Tradition Wellness Counselor Certificate you need to take our on line program, our 3WT Learning Lab and complete our 3WT Torchbearer Supervision Sessions. Once these are complete you are welcomed to our community of 3WT healers.

The teaching staff

Each of the Three Wisdom Traditions is vast, and Kathryn carefully chose teachers for each Wisdom Tradition to create a course that would resonate and bridge the intersection of each of these sources of healing and transformation for the mind.

Click here to learn more about the teachers of the Three Wisdom Traditions.

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