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What is this all about? At the glitch between seasons, winter to spring, the body is best suited to cleanse and detox. In Ayurveda, we have a very specific way to work with seasonal cleansing; a process that does not leave us depleted, rather it leaves us clean and shiny from the inside out with abundant energy. We start with a pre-cleanse to get our mind on board with this idea of detoxing, followed by a specific diet that lasts about a week. We end with a week long post-cleanse to support and nurture ourselves,  keeping the benefits of our cleanse moving forward.

Yoga International will be offering my BIG Spring Cleanse online this year! We will be together for 21days—online and with my ebook in addition to all the support practices, recipes and encouragement to keep you on track. We will be working together to detox our body and mind; pruning away habits that no longer serve us and evacuating the “goo” or ama that often keeps us imbalanced. When we sleep poorly, or not at all, lack concentration and have trouble focusing, feel sluggish or no motivation, have skin or joint issues, put on weight, get seasonal allergies or have trouble with digestive issues we know it is time to cleanse. Please join us so we can support each other and cleanse together ~ more details to come…


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